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Feldenkais® resources and practitioner's websites

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD Website is the official website of the Feldenkrais Guild.

The Feldenkrais Verband Osterreich Homepage (Austrian Guild) has information on the Method in German.
Western US

Gabrielle Pullen's FELDENKRAIS thoughtforms blog explores her thoughts about human and equine form, function, biomechanics and experience. Her Feldenkrais practice is in Nevada City, CA

"Kathryn Goldman Schuyler's Coherent Change site describes her Feldenkrais practice and how it furthers personal and organizational change. She practices in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

Feldenkrais Resources offers books, tapes, workshops, and trainings related to the Feldenkrais Method.

The Center for Physical Health in Los Angeles offers the Feldenkrais Method in combination with other traditional and alternative methods.

Rich Frye's Flowing Body, Flowing Mind, in Lummi Island, WA, contains information about the Method and offers Awareness Thrugh Movementtapes for sale as well as free lessons you ca do at your computer.

Nancy Galeota-Wozny's Motion Potion website contains nformation on The Feldenkrais Method, the Texas dance scene, adventures in arts education, and related somatic disciplines.

Ryan Nagy, a Feldenkrias Practitioner and Researcher at the University of Utah, maintains a site with Information on the Feldenkrais Method in Salt Lake City and another with a Bibliography of research on the Feldenkrais Method and related disciplines, with online articles and a discussion forum.

Pricilla Winslow Bradley's Move into Balance site contains information on the Feldenkrais Method and dance in Taos, NM.

Eastern US

Doron Tadmor's Flexible Brain website (New York City) describes his practice and provides information on the Feldenkrais Method.

Carla Reed's Movement to Wholeness website (Stirling VA) reflects her special interest in working with differently abled children.

Anne-Elizabeth Straub's MovementMatters website (New York City) describes her private psychotherapy practice, her Feldenkrais practice, and a consultancy on disability/health issues.

Ray Rosenstock's (Brighton MA) website describes his work as a musician as well as as a Feldenkrais practitioner.

Gabriel Zappia, Cape Elizabeth, ME.

Peff Modelski's Movement Process for Living website describes her New York Feldenkrais practice, dance classes, and other movement-related activities

Chrish Kresge's website describes her Washington DC practice in the Feldenkrais Method and related modalities.


Kathi Lieb practices in Evanston, IL. Her site contains information on her CD, MOVING BEYOND TRAUMA Gentle Lessons in Body Awareness.


Philippe Leblond's Feldenkrais website in Montreal contains information about the Feldenkrais Method and movement lessons to explore at your computer in both English and French.

Arne Heayn's Acadia Physical Therapy site, in Edmonton, AB, provides information about Feldenkrais and other complementary modalities.


Nikhila Ludlow's LifeWorks Somatics website provide information about the Feldenkrais Method and her pracitice in Totnes, Devon, UK.

Robert Schleip's website (Munich, Germany) provides information in English and German, including some of Robert's articles and his workshop schedule.

Thomas Kirschner Seminare provides information in German on the Feldenkrais Method and on seminars and trainings in Germany, and Awareness Thrugh Movement lessons online.

Scott Clark's Feldenkrais Classes and Lessons in London sit describes his London Feldenkrais practice, and has a selection of his articles.

Hans Holter Solhjell's website provides information on the Feldenkrais Method in Norwegian

John Tarr's Dynamic Musician Series provides information about Feldenkrais for musicians and John's publications and workshops for musicians.


The StartLocal directory lists practitioners throughout Australia.

Rachel Green's website (Perth, Western Australia) offers products, free newsletters, and services related to Feldenkrais, communication and inter-personal skills.

Peter Dawson's Integrated Learning website offers information and products relating to Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Feldenkrais Method, as they pertain to the development of the human condition at its most core levels.

David Mendes' Feldenkrais In Motion website offers information on his Feldenkrais, Counselling and Hypnotherapy Practice in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Other sites related to health and self-awareness

These sites contain information about health and self-awareness from a variety of different perspectives. I may not agree with everything they say, but they appear interesting and may benefit some netsurfers. The fact that I list them does not imply endorsement.

Kathy Pike's Coaching with Horses site provides equine facilitated learning programs to help humans integrative mind body awareness and increase somatic integration, Workshops, training programs, coaching and resources. is a Health Directory and Health Insurance Resource .

The EquipoisE Balance Seat is an innovative new chair design that improves posture and maintains spinal health but also encourages continuous, gentle movement.

4 Minute Fitness offers information and videos related to tai chi, yoga, meditation and chi kung. - Health Directory and Fitness Resource

The Alternative and Complementary Medicine Topics site contains links to a wide range of alternative health practices

Barett Dorko's The Clinician's Manual offers an interesting collection of Dorko's writing on touch, manual therapy, and related issues.

The Conscious Living Foundation offers educational resources for stress management, biofeedback, relaxation, stop smoking and other training programs.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique provides links to Alexander Technique resources, on and off the net.

The Healing Spectrum offers links to a wide range of allopathic as well as alternative health resources.

mediBall from HealthTrek can be used as an air chair at work, during pregnancy and labour, to treat and prevent back pain, to improve posture or simply as an exercise aid.

Education 2000, Inc. offers healthand healing videos over the Internet.

The Stress Doctor - Dr. Brian Gorman, a physician and surgeon, has spent thirty five years of study and research in creating a systematic method of treatment for stress-related disorders.

The 1-800-THERAPIST NETWORK is an international therapist referral organization. They also provide many self-help tools and articles, including self-evaluation tests, which are evaluated at no charge.

Positive Health is a British magazine which provides high quality information about all the fields in complementary medicine.

The Self Esteem Advisory Service helps you to build self esteem in yourself and your children so that you are all happier, healthier and more confident.

Discover Health and Wealth offers Herbal Products and business opportunities.

Breathing Exercises Oxycise! are breathing exercises that facilitate weight loss and improved health

ALTERNATIVE HEALING CHOICES - information on Complementary, Alternative, Holistic and Natural Healthcare,types of modalities & practitioners, resources and books. A book is also offered in hard copy & e-book. - An online resource for health and wellbeing. Free health service business classifieds. Free health product classifeds.

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Resources related to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

The Los Angeles RSI Support Group meets on the 4th Thursday of each month to share ideas and hear presentations related to repetitive strain injury.

Scott Wright's Typing Injury FAQ contains a wide range of information about repetative stress injury (RSI) and related resources.

The Sorehand website contains information about Sorehand, an internet mailing list devoted to discussion of RSIs and support of people with RSI.

Paul Marxhausen, at the University of Nebraska, maintains several sites related to RSI. These include

The Worker's Repetitive Injury Support Team (WRIST) website contains information on on resources related to RSI in Oxford County, Ontario, and throughout Canada.

Soma Group is a group of Hanna Somatics Practitioners who offer products and services related to workplace wellness on Vancouver Island, BC.

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