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book coverThe Reality Illusion: How you make the world you experience
with a Forward by Joseph Chilton Pearce
224 pages, 6x9, biblio, illus, index.
The external world is a "rich reality" -- offering a far wider menu of possibilities than most of us realize. This book examines how you filter and select among those possibilities, bringing into focus the particular world you experience, and explores the benefits of more fully understanding the collective illusion we call reality. More information.
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cd image2 CD SetFocusing your Touch
Advanced training for Feldenkrais Practitioners
The quality of your Functional Integration depends heavily by how you filter and attend to tactile and proprioceptive information. Learn to more consciously focus your tactile/proprioceptive awareness and attention as you do FI, and experience the positive difference that this can make in the quality of the FI experience for both you and your client.This 2.5 hour recording is an edited version of a day-long advanced training presented at the 2005 Feldenkrais Annual Conference. More information.
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DVD coverDVDLiving in Gravity -- basic edition
A half-day workshop exploring the theme of Living in Gravity. (One DVD, approximately 2 hours.) This edition should be useful to anyone seeking to enhance their balance and ease of movement. More information.
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DVD cover2 DVD SetLiving in Gravity -- professional edition
In addition to the Living in Gravity DVD, the professional edition includes second DVD containing advanced training for Feldenkrais Practitioners that builds on and extends the basic workshop. This training explores the theme of Skeletal Support in Functional Integration, with emphasis on deepening practitioner sensitivity in doing Functional Integration. This edition should be useful to Feldenkrais and other somatic practitioners interested in working with these issues. More information.
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cd imageCD625Finding Center and Ground (two lessons)
Your felt experience of center -- what the Chinese refer to as your Tan T'ien and the Japanese as your Hara -- contributes to your sense of self as a competent physical being, comfortable with your place in the world. Your experience of support from the ground does also. Yet both can get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These lessons put you back in touch with those experiences, and in so doing, help you become who you really are.
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