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Somatic Options Privacy Policy

Somatic Options collects various data from visitors to our website who place orders or contact us for other reasons. This data includes name, address, E-mail address, and other personal information provided by those asking for advice or assistance.

Somatic Options does not collect credit card information. When you make a purchase, your credit card information is collected by CCNow, who handles our e-commerce and credit card billing. We do not have access to it.

We treat the information we collect as private and confidential, and we will not disclose this information to other individuals or organizations unless required by law.

We will use address and email information to provide you with occasional updates about changes in our website, new materials as they become available, workshops in your area, etc. These updates originate from Somatic Options, and we will be happy to exclude you if you do now wish to receive them.

We will not distribute customer information to any third parties for use in mailing lists, surveys, or any other purpose. We dislike SPAM as much as you do, and will not contribute to it.

Somatic Options is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers' personal data.